Dye-sub technology print

ELSTAR also offers services in the field of sublimation printing (dye-sub). This process consists in making high-quality digital printing with sublimation inks on special transfer paper. The prepared printout is then transferred to various types of polyester fabrics using a high temperature calender.

sublimation printing is currently widely used in the advertising and trade fairs industry, because print durability and relatively high crease resistance are especially important there. Fabrics printed in sublimation technology are often chosen by customers also because of easier transport. It is also important that sublimation is a completely ecological technology, and polyester fabrics we use have B1 and M1 flame retardant certificates.

We use sublimation technology to print on different types of fabrics . Either for illumination or blockout textiles, depending upon theis appliaction.

Width: up to 300cm
Lenght: up to 30m
Colours: CMYK
Fabric type : Backlit, blackout, mesh

UV technology print

We also offer UV print technology. This is very widely used. Thanks to the properties of UV print and its high quality , it is applied in exhibition and retail industry.

We print on solid panles, such as PCV, plexiglass, or Dibond. But UV technology gives very goods effects when printed on textiles such as for backligh ( used in SEG system lighboxes, frames) or blockout ( used for big textile frames, dropbacks, exhibition counters or suspended structures used in the exhibition halls).

The UV printing technology guarantees high graphics quality, exceptional color saturation, and thanks to the UV lamp in the printing device, the polymer ink layer is immediately hardened, which contributes to the durability of the prints.

Roll UV

Printing with UV technology is performed on fabrics for either illumination or blackout textiles . 

Width: up to 300cm
Length: up to 30m
Colours: CMYK
Fabric type: Backlit, blackout

Flat UV

Printing with flat UV printer is performed on panels, such as: PCV, HDF, dibond.

Width: up to 130cm
lenght: up to 250cm
Colours: CMYK
Material: PVC, Dibond , HDF

Cutting Plotter ZUND

ZUND cutting / milling plotter. The possibility of cutting the printed material, PVC plates, dibond, plexiglass .

Width: up to 250cm
Length: up to 300cm