It is a guarantee of a successful videoconference!Textile frames

Mobility and simplicityVideoconference Walls

  • Videoconference Walls

    A boring white wall in the background? Thanks to our printed wall you will be able to change it into a much more interesting place.

    The background definitely matters. The stage design is a visual setting for each scene, both for the theater and the performance or video conference. A textile wall is an interesting and quick way to organize your own, personalized, professional background for our speech. It allows you to build a coherent image, consistent with the visual identity of the company or campaign – especially important during conferences or online negotiations.

  • Mobile office

    Our walls allow you to move to any place in the world while still staying in your kitchen.

    The textile wall can also be used at home as an element separating the “professional” area from the “private” area. This solution may be helpful for people who work remotely, especially for those who receive video calls or participate in video conferences or LIVE recordings. Placing such a partition wall with any print, provides us with psychological comfort and independence in the work performance in a separate “office”, while the rest of the household members has freedom of functioning.

  • Elstar

    Mobility and simplicity

    Thanks to the extremely simple structure, our wall is easy and quick to install. Small dimensions of the components facilitate transport. The wall can travel with us in business or for the recently popular workaction. Regardless of whether you are going on vacation to Italy, Norway or the Bieszczady Mountains, you can take “your mobile, professional background” with you and prepare a space for work.

  • Elstar


    Each frame can be converted into 2 smaller wall frames! What’s more, we supply VIDEO conference walls in sets, from which you can later build other structures, e.g. two independent frames that can be successfully wall-mounted as pictures, or as another decoration element or advertising medium.

  • Elstar


    The videoconference walls produced by ELSTAR can be designed from A to Z. The size of the wall, the colour of the profiles as well as the printed graphic motif are optional. The wall size we  propose by is 2000 × 2000 mm.