Disinfection portalClean Portal

  • Elstar

    1. The Clean Portal gate is made of a light aluminum structure covered with a waterproof dibond material.
    2. Solid wheels for transport.
    3. Led lightin
    4. 8″Tablet with a thermal imaging camera, checks the body temperature and checks if the person has a face mask. When the temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees C – an alarm signal appears.
  • Elstar

    1. Disinfection mat inside the cabin.
    2. Touchless Automatic disinfectant dispenser.
    3. ULV fogger – HDB5C Produces a mist size of -40 μm,
    4. Double-sided curtain for the cabin
    5. The infrared barrier activates the disinfection cabin
  • Elstar

    2MP camera face recognition temperature measurement, LCD screen, built-in face recognition algorithm, integrated high precision thermal imaging temperature measurement chip, This product has powerful functions such as face detection, mask detection, face recognition comparison, body temperature detection, live body evaluation, etc .It can effectively help users to manage access rights and monitor the state of body temperature, prevent epidemics.